cereals Cereals

   Is a food product that is a whole or crushed grain, which is completely or partially released from the shells of the aleuronic layer, the embryo.

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        Our product quality guarantee is our own laboratory equipped with modern appliances.

The number of customers of the plant is constantly increasing.


        Limited liability company «Kaluskiy kombinat hliboproduktiv» produces wheat flour of the highest and first grades, rye flour, wheat bran.

         Produces packing in consumer packaging 2 kg, 5 kg, 10kg and transport packaging 25 kg, 45kg and 50 kg.


Limited liability company «Kaluskiy kombinat hliboproduktiv» is one of the largest exporters of wheat flour in Ukraine.


        The number of customers of the plant is constantly increasing.

Our plant can sell wheat flour by containers.


        The company has a technical opportunity for the production of vitaminized flour and wheat enriched with vitamin-mineral complex.


        The guarantee of the quality of manufactured products is the own laboratory, which is equipped with modern devices. This enables continuous monitoring at all stages of production: from the receipt of grain - to the release of finished products and its release to the buyer.


        Our plant are ready for the production of wheat flour according to the standards of your country.

Professional managers of LLC «Kalush KHP» will be glad and ready to give you all information.


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  «Kaluskiy kombinat hliboproduktiv»

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   Kalush city, S. Bandery street 102 А